Dream A Little Dream

Just finished watching You've Got Mail, the cyber version of Sleepless In Seattle. It has a nice atmosphere to it, and one cannot help but be moved by the innocent eloquence of the emails between the two. One particular line that caught me was when Meg Ryan replies to the question of whether there was someone else in her life with "There's the dream of someone else". We all have our dreams of that particular someone. That someone who'll sweep us off our feet unto adventures untold, and at the same time be the rock of stability and dependability. That someone who'd love us unconditionally and cradle our fragile hearts with TLC. There is that dream of this somebody. And in slightly more than a week I'll see her face to face again.
Thank you so much for loving me. There are so many times you doubted that you could ever be that someone in my dreams, but you've been all that and more. I can only thank God for you and pray that in all things I remain faithful to Him, that I may be a better friend, companion and God-willing, husband. Continue to pray for me, for we live in tumultous times. God be with you.
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