Food Fights

Min and I will be heading home in five days time. I guess the one thing Min thoroughly enjoyed was the sheer number of television channels. It's a routine she follows fervently. The weekday afternoons spent on repeats of ER, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the occasional Dating Story. During the evenings Friends would come on, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, more ER, depending on which day we're talking about. The one thing that I caught on was the cooking shows. I've included a number of web links to cooking shows we watch with devotion. Most undoubtedly, Iron Chef is almost a religion in the house we live in. Though it has been airing in Japan for over three years already, it is a novel idea here in the Western world. It is a sort of gladiator battle, where instead of warriors wielding swords, challenger chefs come on the show to challege the Iron Chefs, resident chefs who are supposed to be the forefront of their respective cuisines. There's Iron Chef Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian. The chairman of the show would then reveal the secret ingredient, of which the Iron Chef and challenger would have one hour to prepare as many dishes as they can muster. The dishes are judged by a panel of judges (some of whom know little besides eating) and the winner goes home with nothing but fame and glory (so the show says). Though Min and I always laugh at the mannerisms and ridiculous intensity of what is essentially a cooking show, we are captivated by its intrigue. "What is the secret ingredient this week?" drives us to watch it over and over again.
It's educational in a way, so I tell myself. Hey, I whipped up quite a good pasta for lunch today.
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