In a little less than two days I'll be aboard an aeroplane headed home. It is the realisation of many hopes, some in black pepper and others in chilli, and served with a side of fried mantou (a Chinese sort of bread). Yet today while we drove down Broadway Ave (no, not the one in NY, silly) there was a slight pang in the air. Looking at the yellow traffic lights and the cacti-scattered mountains in the background, I know deep in my heart I'll miss Tucson. It wasn't so going back last summer mainly because then Tucson was the inside of a four-by-eight cell masquerading as a dorm room. The acquisition of a car opened up many avenues of musing and exploration. The Wal-Mart at the end of the really long Grant Road, the wonderful lights of Tucson by night as I drive down Skyline Drive, Waffle House in the morning or El Corral at night. You may call me cynical, but there are things I know will never occur in Singapore, not especially after Singapore got thrown out of the Malaysia Cup. The intensity of Tucson's unity when the boys from the U of A went to the NCAA championship game is an experience I will never forget. Maybe we're too busy making money back in Singapore. There are many things I love about Singapore, but her tendency towards materialism isn't one of them.
Tucson, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. There aren't many ways in which I love Tucson because there is only one way, albeit a fuzzy one. I bumble along my emotions and am unable to express it accurately, but know this – I am grateful for all that I have seen, heard and felt. Be well, fair Tucson, in my absence.
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