Michael Jordan In Heat

Exams are over and I've been playing basketball like a bat out of hell (wonder how that phrase came about). I've finally gained a little confidence after having the group of trash-talkers I used to abhor play on my team. I even got nicknamed "Michael Jordan" for a brief shining moment. I thank God for these times, not that I get a dose of self-esteem, but that I can play basketball for the sheer joy of it. Not having the height or the bulk (or the shooting touch), I just try to out-hustle everyone. Seems I don't ever get tired chasing after an orange ball. Maybe my name was Rover or Duke not too long ago.
Feel like playing basketball today, but I'm down with a cold and a sore throat. I'm not sure if it's the viral kind. There's so much pollen in the air it could just be an allergy of sorts. The weather's turned terribly hot these few days, reaching the hundreds (farenheit), which is about 39 to 40 degrees celcius. It takes determination just to walk to the car, let alone bake in it. Argh, can't believe we have three more weeks to go.
Min has been rather depressed lately. She thinks she didn't do well for her exams. Knowing the pessimist she is, I'm sure everything will turn out fine in the end. So right now I'll just have to be a little careful about stepping on her toes.
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