Playing With G-Strings

I've never thought of myself as musically inclined. It's probably because I've always been surrounded by people who were truly so. Faith plays the piano and has the most angelic voice (not saying this just because I'm madly in love with her (oh ok, I'll admit that it has some influence)). Erick is able to improvise music just by listening to it. My cousin Matthew plays the guitar like a man possessed. I often stand aside and watch as they talk in their own funny lingos of al codas and accelerandos. Somewhere down the line I concluded that I had little passion for music and turned to the written and spoken word instead.
I play my classical guitar pieces in the privacy of my own room, and sing to myself when no one's in the vicinity. There are many times where I feel an overwhelming urge to burst into song or be able to take over the stage with music. Yet it seems my mind has already been programmed to believe myself incapable of producing music. Yet now I sit here listening to Firedance (from <a href="">Riverdance</a>) and I can't help but feel the music in my veins. My face pulls into a smile for no reason whatsoever. Upon self-analysis, I find my musical tastes favouring Broadway musicals and country music (yes you read right), indicating a need for a storyline that would pique my interest. Yet this music has a story in itself, and pulsates with emotion. Other things in my playlist right now include East of Eden by Lee Holdridge, which I have decided shall be our wedding march. Pachelbel's Canon in D is a wonderful piece, but overplayed.
I still look forward to the time where I find the courage within myself to sing before an audience and somehow pull it off without disgracing my family name. Maybe <a href="">Les Misérables</a>' "Empty Chairs On Empty Tables", "Do You Hear The People Sing?" or <a href="">The Scarlet Pimpernel</a>'s "Where's The Girl?". I want so much to move the human spirit, and as Dr. Jekyll sings in <a href="">Jekyll and Hyde</a>, to "feel alive!"
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