Silence Not Quite Golden

There's a deaf person (they don't call it audiably-challenged, do they?) in my statistics class and it's interesting to see the signers move their hands in a continuous graceful fluent motion, especially so when you know the lecturer is rambling. Well amongst my observations I realised one thing: we so often daze off while listening to lecturers, parents, over-talkative friends and such. When confronted we just issue a simple "oh yeah, I'm listening". Deaf people don't have such a luxury. There were times when this student was clearly not listening. As you can see, even a non-expert like me can tell. The signer's futility was written all over her/his face (there were two of them) as they went on to an audience that clearly left them some time ago. Our lives would be so different if we weren't afforded the little oasis, where our daydreams are subtle enough to stay hidden.
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