Sleep On IT

There are so many questions regarding dreams. From the Blade Runner's "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" to more obscure "Do you dream in colour?", humankind (to be PC) has always wondered if dreams were indeed a peek into another realm, or a journey into the subconcious. I dream in colour. I dreamt of an ivory white coffin with beautiful silver handles last night. Not being the superstitious kind, my first reaction was to get up and write it down, marvelling at the intricate design rather than the deeper meaning, if any, behind the rather ominous sign.
Another skill I've picked up while here in Arizona is the ability to work in my sleep. Having suffered the torturous MIS (Management Information Systems) class last semester under the gruelling Professor Jon Michaels, this unique ability came unto me. I can actually sleep on a problem and awake with the solution. Well, most of the time anyway.
Whether in colour or in black and white, there is so much to learn about the human psyche and it's inner workings. It lies between the physical and meta-physical, truly a discovery waiting to be uncovered.
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