Under Pressure

One week into summer school and I'm so relieved it's the weekend again. Being a three week semester, everyday of lecture constitutes a week of normal time. Hence, there is little time to rest and I am glad statistics isn't totally alien to me. It's not exactly my favourite subject, but at least I'm familiar with chi-square and standard normal distributions and the like. It does make life a little easier. Min is down with a little cold and flu, and as of now doesn't want to take her Nyquil as she doesn't want to be knocked out early on a Friday night. Oh, don't worry, she'll pretty much sleep into the wee hours of the afternoon tomorrow. The weather here is terribly hot (warm is too nice of a word to be used), and cycling home in the afternoon is not something we look forward to. I can't wait to come home and eat at hawker centers and be in walking distance of a shopping center. In some ways I like the small town life, but I'm discovering myself to be highly urbanised in many other ways. Much as I dread the eventual global warming air-conditioning causes, the need (read <strong>need</strong>) to cool down is just too important. Right now, my electric fan is my number one fan (or vice-versa).
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