Come Ye Beloved

For a dear friend who found Jesus.
Come ye beloved of the Lord
and consider all the love
that the Father has poured out on you.
With joyful hearts in one accord
come and look upon the love
of the One who gave His all for you.
My friend consider then the price
that so willingly He paid
to redeem and win you back to Him.
Consider how then you will live
and just how to spend your days
and the freedom He has won for you.
The treasures of the Father's throne
of the earth and of the sky
and of the universe beyond
Our Father chose instead His Son
counting His worth far beyond
all the treasures of His kingdom home.
Our God withheld not His own Son
the treasure of His heart
poured out for you.
If He withheld not His own Son
what now would He withhold
from you, His own?
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