Had a most wonderful talk with a friend on IRC last night. I've been blessed to have met some very nice people over the years, and it's sad that the net is often a rather transient form of communication, and what once was may very well disappear into the still of the night. Much as I hope and pray that I lose not this friend, I often think about the many whom I have lost touch with.
Sarah, the young girl in Washington DC who taught me so much about life and its innocence. I miss you and hope you are well. Know that I still write about you as if you never left, because you never did. You're still very much in my heart.
Misty, who once shared her fears and cares to an absolute stranger in myself. I don't know how things eventually worked out for you, but I remember how we held each other up in times of need. It's been so many years and I still remember your strength in overcoming the problems that lay before you.
To the many more who affected my life in so many ways, I thank God for all of you. And to my new found friend, I only hope I be as much of a blessing to you as you are to me.
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