Deja Vu

I spent the last few days in Malacca with my family and Faith (also considered family by family) and had no opportunity to blog. It was a great time spent with my sisters, my parents, grandmother and my beloved. Walking by the beach brought back many memories, especially one that happened so many years ago.
It was the first church camp I attended and was held in Desaru. We spent whatever free time we had together, swimming, playing tennis. But I remember the walks by the beach most vividly. We'd stop to pick the pretty stones and shells along the shore, our feet tickled by the flow and ebb of the waves. It was then I knew I had fallen in love with this beautiful companion by my side. We'd sit down and look at the loot we brought in from the shore, and I'd hold up a shell, but my gaze fixed on her sitting in front of me.
Yet to this day she remembers the time vaguely, if at all. I often retell the memories, whatever I can remember, in the hope of reliving it with her. I did exactly that the past few days. Walking on the beach, now holding her hand, we relived the times thirteen years past. I'll cherish these times no less than the first.
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