It's been a long week in Port Dickson, but a fruitful one. It was wonderful spending time with the kids again, and it's almost scary how fast the toddlers grow up and are replaced by clone siblings. Yes I mistook, Nathaniel's sister for a boy. It's always interesting to hear new nicknames being invented and old ones being abolished. Despite my best efforts, David Chng seems to have abandoned his own nickname of "fat pig", reason being obvious. He didn't waste any time wolfing down my last packet of Hello Panda though. David Hung's 3 year old kid El Nathan calls himself elephant. Pretty sure elephant is the easier-to-pronounce alternative of the two. Sophie and Christine are still different as night and day, though I'm pretty sure Christine's not half as quiet were there less people around her. Grace and Faith are growing up beautifully, while Abigail has opened up a lot over the past year.
As you can tell, I could go on and on about these kids. It's a pity I'll only see most of them once a year in church camp as their parents attend the other branch. One can't help but be amazed at these minature human beings who are in every way like us, save for the pretense of being more knowledgable. In so many ways, I wish so much that I was more like them, and less like us.
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