Unity In Diversity

Two of my Malay friends got married in the last two days. I couldn't make it for Yusman's because I had no venue or time, and received no reply on the emails I sent. Went to Farid's wedding today and I must admit to being ashamed of my ignorance when it comes to their cultures. Even though we claim to live in a multi-racial country, there is so much we have to learn about the other races that we share this small space with.
It was nice seeing Farid again. It has been the longest time since we met. Though I only had his attention for a minute (even then it was divided attention), that glance reassured me that things had not changed. He was still the boy-man I knew in Polytechnic, and I was still his joker friend. Back then it was a group of us who urged him to go talk to Neffy. It wasn't long until he was sending her home on his beloved motorbike. And today he took her for his bride. How fast life passes us by!
I brought my plate of nasi briani and sat down across the table from this mother who held in her arms a small baby. It was a rather surrealistic feeling seeing that baby and knowing that someday he too would grow up and have his own malay wedding. It was comforting to see how Farid kissed the hands of his parents, and know that these precious acts are still retained in the face of overwhelming westernisation. Though we have much to emulate from the west, we have to be careful not to let all our own values blow away in the wind. I sit there and look the small child in the eye. All I can do is utter a silent prayer that his childhood will be every bit as colourful and vibrant as childhood should be.
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