The other day I sent Eric off at the airport. He was heading back to Melbourne to continue his studies. Looking around at the many tears being shed at the departure hall made me wonder: Are those tears the exact same tears we shed when someone we love passes on? Do we cry because we are losing company of the person? Or do we cry because we regret not having lived as full a relationship as we would have liked with the person?
Dearest Eric, though you're leaving for only a short time, I regret all these things. Though my face was free of tears my heart cried that day. I cried because I was now losing your company, and I cried because we haven't been half as close these past few years. I can only pray that God heals all wounds, and so often I've wished that the sun didn't set on our ill-repaired relationship. I am always yours in Christ, and will always be. Know this, and my heart would be contented.
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