I'm having four wisdom teeth extracted under general anesthetic tomorrow morning. When this was announced to the congregation at church people started laughing. Not the "haha it's so funny" kinda laugh, but the "he's so going to die" kinda laugh. Some of them came up to me and started telling me horror stories of the times they had to extract their wisdom teeth. The end was always the same: "Wah that time I only extract one/two, you doing all four ah!". That sure helps get me all nice and toasty. I guess Auntie Elizabeth has always been there for me. Though I can't say I know her extremely well, she has always given me a warm smile, or a welcoming look. This time round, she called me over and said "Don't worry, everything'll be fine".
There are risks inherent with G.A. and though ridiculously small thanks to recent medical advancement, a little twinge of "what ifs" come to mind once in a while. Rather than pretend the odds aren't there, I'd like to live each day as if it were my last. And the fact is, we never really do know when that might be. There are so many things I wish I were braver about saying and doing, and I guess this is as good a time as any to pour them out here.
To PJ, who reads my blogs more regularly then I write them: I wanted to catch you on IRC in order to invite you to church this sunday, and hope that you'll not let the hectic life stop you from finding God.
To Mummy, that you may find our for yourself who Jesus Christ is. It has been a wish and prayer of mine for the longest time. You've been the most wonderful mother I've ever had. *winks*
To Daddy, I love you more than I say or show it. Thank you for loving God in your own way. It's been a light that shone for me.
To my sisters, maybe some day you'll stop trying to end each other's existence. Hopefully sooner than later. Know that I've always loved both of you even in the midst of punching your lights out.
To Serene, seek God always. Love Him completely. Live life fully. Die completely.
To Eric, Eddie and Matthew, you'll be brothers to me always. If I wake, we have lots of work before us. If I don't, I'll still be with you guys in spirit.
To Bruise Li Mai Mai, it's fun watching insults bounce off your thick skin (kidding). Hope my love for you permeates that skull (still kidding).
To Cheryl, I don't know if I'll ever receive a reply to the note I wrote to you, now that you're so busy with work. I thank God for you constantly and wished that I had been there for you all those times.
To Mama (grandmother), thank you for the many chats we had over the dining table. Your love and care, like the many mats you sew, are seen all over the house and this family.
To Mama (nanny), thank you for making me who I am. In so many ways I'm a reflection of who you are and how you brought me up.
To Cindy, don't code till you drop. Remember to bake biscuits once in a while.
To Lainey, hang in there. He'll deliver. Always.
To the young people at YF: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! (Alastor Moody).
To Faith, I love you. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. And love your neighbour as you love yourself. I thank God for everything.
To all, including the rest whom I may have forgotten to include:
I hope that you forgive me if I've been a bad testimony for Jesus Christ, and I pray that by His grace you learn the fullness contained within Him. If I do not wake, I pray that this message go out to all mentioned above. If I do wake, I pray you remind me to live out the message I have for them in my heart.
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