The Long Journey Here

My struggles to update this page continues. I've determined that the best time to come to the library is before 2pm, when the multimedia section is dominated by sweaty, less-than-pleasant-smelling schoolboys who spew vulgarities like a mother tongue. Then came the problem of topping up my cash card in order to top up my multimedia account with the library. Apparently I had to top up my POSB account in order to top up my cash cash in order to top up my multimedia account. An amazing paradigm of efficiency this is. My POSB account has been closed since they decided that two bucks in there just wouldn't cut it. Oh well, nothing's for free anymore. I was kinda hoping the two dollars would somehow accumulate interest and become two million by the time we found a cure for AIDS.
So here I am, sitting at the library, with no sweaty boys to irritate me, or shadowy phantasms peeking over my shoulder (not today anyhow), and I guess I'll update you on what has gone on.
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