It has become exceeding hard to update my blog on a regular basis as the connection at home has started to reject the main blogger page due to its very fast turbo speed afforded by the huge pipeline of a telephone cable. As such, I have resorted to going to the nearby neighbourhood library in order to visit webpages should I have any inclination to. So do forgive me if the blogs come few and far between. Laziness is definitely a major factor : I live no further than five minutes from the library, but nothing beats having a computer in my own room connected 24/7.
In some ways I miss Arizona and the "home" away from home. Granted, my cooking isn't anywhere as great as the hawkers in the nearby hawker center, but the small things like being able to use the car whenever I want and parking without fear of hooded umbrella clad ladies slapping me with a fine are the small things I like about AZ. Singapore's great, as long as the mosquitoes and humidity don't go all out to kill me. I've been keeping busy with being good company to Faith, and have been unable to keep up with as much reading as I would have liked.
I developed a sudden inclination to purchase a palm, one of those small organiser thingies that yuppies carry around. My normal notebook (the non-electronic kind) doesn't do a great job of keeping telephone numbers and to-do lists.
Well this is just a short update on what's up in my life, and it's kinda hard to be really personal especially when I'm typing this in a public library with a person reading over my shoulder <strong>HINT HINT</strong>. Oh well, it is available online.
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