A Vow

The biblical story of Samson has always been a favourite amongst children everywhere. It was literally the story of Superman, one who had the strength and the power to overcome the enemy as he pleased. He was a hero who was overtly heroic, unlike most other biblical characters who kept a low profile. It is not until this summer that I learnt more about the life of Samson, and today's bible reading the lesson is reiterated and very pertinent to the state I feel right this moment.
Samson wasn't a spiritual hero, merely a physical one. He was a Nazarite by birth, meaning his parents had taken a vow that he would not eat of any product of the vine (too bad they didn't have beer back then), and the secret of his superhuman strength lay in his hair, which by the same vows were not to be cut. Yet we find him strolling in vineyards, visiting harlots and sleeping with the enemy's women. He was not godly by any standards, yet God chose him of all people to be His representation to His people. One could say that Samson was self-indulgent to the end, that even in his dying days he was not repentent unto God, but begged God to grant him strength that he might take vengence on the Phillistines.
Dana Congdon said back in his message during church camp that Samson's life was a wasted life. He was entrusted with the mysteries of God and chose to use them to gain material wealth from the Phillistines. In many ways I feel like a Samson. Like him I am under a vow as a Christian to serve God. Like him I often stroll amongst the grapes. Like him, I am not wary of the adversary, sometimes even choosing to fraternise with the enemy. Yet I do not want to live a wasted life. I want the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ to change my life completely into a life of service and submission. There is so much to be learnt, and this morning I submit myself unto God, and pray that He be patient with me for I have proven myself a slow learner much like Samson. But indeed, God's grace is sufficient for me, and I am thankful.
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