<em>Rivers of gold and silver
streak the dark rock below.
Divine cloud above us
man-made by our side,
we fall.
Pearls of gold and silver
dot the blackened land.
Someone plows through
his daily grind of homework
by the illuminisence of
a silver pearl.
In the corner
another falls in love.
A heart breaks somewhere
under the golden beams of a
man-made moon.
The dots grow brighter
and more defined
and I see the work of the hand
that created the light.
We fall.
A turbulent struggle then
a slight rumble and
I hear the voices of their hearts
no more.
I stand
under the light
of the man-made moon.
I am one of the million.
My friends, for so brief a time,
are no more.</em>
A poem which I wrote during my short transit in Taiwan. The landing at CKS Airport sort of evoked these feelings. Landing at L.A. had a different feel – a more urban, suffocating effect.
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