In The Beginning

These first few days of school are but a taste of what's to come for the next few months. It's a familiar taste, especially when I stepped into my Management Information Systems class. It's the taste of blood-laced sweat. The taste one gets when standing at the foot of a humongous mountain before the climb. It's the familiar taste of BMT (Basic Military Training).
At the last page of the class syllabus it reads in bold: "Past experience has shown that this class will take up a significant amount of your time, possible equal or greater than all your other classes COMBINED". Talk about motivation. Yet in some strange way, I am. Though the road ahead looks intimidating, I look upon it with furrowed brow and a steely will. I remember the regret I felt when I tore my wrist in BMT and was unable to savour every muscle-aching moment with my friends. Though I know that God had His plan in it all, I often wonder what would have been had I know got injured. The loneliness of being excluded from suffering is greater than the suffering itself. At least that's how I feel. At least right now. Since then I've always decided not to shun away from a fight, and never to give up whatever the cost. I want to know that I'm made of sterner stuff. And deep inside, I pray that the material this "sterner stuff" is made of is not stubborness and pride.
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