Organised Pain

For those of you still not in the know, I bought the Handspring Visor after a lot of consideration. The Paw Pilot is still in use, as I have many thoughts immediately after basketball games, a bad place for the less rugged Visor to be. I hope that my decision does not cause any of you to stumble in any way.
I recently went to the Polyclinic to take a look at a certain skin condition I developed over the last few months. The medication I obtained was a salicylic and lactic acid formula. The first few days of application was fine, but it's hurting tremendously now. It feels as if I'm burning myself with concentrated acid. I think I'll head back to the clinic and find out if it's meant to be this way. The medication did tout itself as "painless". Right now, it's as painless as sticking a sharp object in my eye.
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