To Dream The Impossible Dream

Watched "Hey Mr. Producer" last night. Though the first hour or so was cluttered with songs from the lesser known musicals, it was absolutely fabulous to hear the familiar tunes in the second half of the show. As usual, Lea stole my heart many times over (yet again), and Michael Ball just blew me away. As I look at them sing, I can't help but wonder if they felt their lives wasted because they have not obtained the (almost) worldwide domination given to artists like Britney and Christina. Yet I'm glad they chose their craft the way they did. It is so much more noble and constructive to utilise talents and touching hearts, as opposed to singing songs with little or no meaning at all. And when we do figure out what the lyrics were about, we'd think twice about singing them in the shower.
A human life is not an extremely long time, and the only way we can live it to the fullest is by seeing through others' eyes. In the short span of those three hours, I felt the pain of <a href="">Eponine</a>'s unrequited love, reveled in the flamboyance of "The American Dream" (Miss Saigon), awed at the nobility of <a href="">Enjolras</a>, reminiscenced the past with Grizzabella, felt the stark loneliness as Judi Dench sang "Send in the Clowns".
It's funny how I rate highly as extrovert <strong>and</strong> introvert when I take personality tests. I'll admit that the thrill of standing before thousands is a high I'm not likely to forget, at the same time I choose to fade in a crowd when standing in the midst of one. I doubt I'll ever live my dreams of singing on Broadway, or touching the hearts of people through song as I do not have the musical equipment or talent. But I do want so much to share the full range of human emotions with people, and maybe after we've felt the magnitude of them all, better understand the people around us and in some naive way create a better world.
Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me, somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?
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