A Hot Autumn's Day Dream

I was working at a small electronics store as one of those sales people who stood around all day. I had discovered that the boss (whom we all didn't like) was bribing one of the employees who had information on him with a small bag of diamonds. Boss got into a small fight and was searched by the police, who found the bag of diamonds on him. Boss' wife, whom we always thought was a quiet lady, came to me and asked me to bail Boss out by going to the station and lying about why he needed that many diamonds that day. I was struggling with whether to tell the truth and put him in, or just play it safe and help him out.
Cheryl was supposed to be in Singapore (near Marine Parade Republic Theatre to be exact) that day and I haven't seen her for some time. We were meant to meet up but this whole incident cropped up. Reluctantly going to the police station (a second story office on the top of some rather dilapidated building), I regretted not being able to meet Cheryl. It would be some time before we could see each other again. As I was walking past the Theatre (yes it was in the same ugly colour it is in now), she stepped out of a taxi across the road.
"Hey Cheryl! I thought it was going to be five or six years before I got to see your face again."
"Don't exagerrate, I don't come back that infrequently."
She crosses the road.
"I'm sorry I can't spend more time with you, I've stuff to attend to….I missed you."
We hug. As we part I try hard to remember this moment, for it would really be a while before I saw her again. We both mouth silent words almost together (I mouthed it a little earlier I think).
"Love you."
I woke up.
Dearest Cheryl, I guess I really do miss you. It has been forever since we spoke heart to heart and while I rely on my intuition to tell me what you feel or think, I miss being around you and hearing it for myself. With Josh in the picture of your life and the prospect of you ending your bond earlier that expected, this scenario might very well come true. Just wanted to tell you that I miss you and wish there were more of such times. And yes, I love you. May God somehow keep us close, very close, always.
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