Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week. I'm just glad to have survived it. I had three tests, two of them in one day. Oh, and I finished the programming assignment. I guess I need to put more time into my transformation to alpha geek. I've only had time to play basketball once this week, and it appears that I've gotten the mechanics for my jumpshot more or less lined up.
On the topic of basketball, I made a few new friends. I don't know their names, but it's funny cause I've lots of basketball friends but names were never involved. We'd meet on the court almost on an everyday basis and the friendship would be based totally on character. It didn't matter what school you were from, how academically successful you are, how much money you earn. When the ball hits the court, it's who you are that matters. It doesn't even matter if you can play extremely well, or just run around for the heck of it. Negative traits like laziness and selfishness show up very quickly on court, and those are the things that really matter. Anyway, these new friends were the last category of people whom I'd expect to befriend. They came up to me and were very friendly, welcoming me to join their team for games. They're the personification of the American beach boy. Hunky and always joking around, with the rather occasional testosterone-filled joke thrown in. The thing about them was that they played for fun. They wanted to win, of course, but they never blamed any other member for missing a shot or making a bad pass. I'm glad to have met them.
Min's birthday is tomorrow and though I have a gift in mind, I've yet to purchase it. We're going to a huge sale in a few minutes time, so maybe she'll find something she fancies there and we'll just have to make that her birthday present. I only hope I've been as good a brother as I set out to be many years ago when I carried her in my arms.
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