Arty Farty

Creativity has never been one of my stronger traits. Let me rephrase that. Art. Now that's something I've never been good at. Despite my parents' best efforts to enroll me in Yamaha arts classes, the best I've ever attained was a B+ for a painting of swans on a lake. There was always this one guy who got an A for everything. I'm sure many of us are familiar with such people in our lives. Though my production of art pretty much sucks, my mind often conjures pictures of its own. Pictures I wish I could duplicate unto a medium of some sort. I bought a digital camera some time back, and my skill is sorely lacking. I'm more of a "trial and error" photographer. Though I know very specifically what I want to see, my replication of the visual within my mind's eye is left to chance. I am thankful that the digital media allows me to delete pictures, rather than waste film.
I have added a new collection within my photo album website. Most of them are photos of animals from the San Diego Zoo I saw during my visit last semester. Enjoy. 🙂
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