Just finished watching the movie <a href="">Shower</a>, and it is an absolutely fabulous movie. Oh, did I mention that it was a Chinese movie? It's about an prodigal son who returns to his father and retarded brother in a small town in China, where they run a bath house. He returns home with no intention of staying away from his high paying job and urban lifestyle, but begins to find the value and warmth of family and friends.
The running of the bath house was a reminder to all of us of what business is about – the selling of a product or service to make the customer's life a better one. If I ever do go into my own business, I'd like the main motivation not to be profit, but an investment in the human life and all its colour. I bet my mother the accountant is screaming at this point.
To live intensely, fight courageously, and die for a cause. Mark Lim couldn't have phrased it better.
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