Just received some RAM I ordered, so my system has been bumped up to a nice 384 megabytes of RAM. It's going for really cheap now, plus the fact that shipping's free.
It's Min's birthday today and we went shopping a little. She got the full length mirror and bolster she always wanted. It gets lonely being far away from friends and family, especially so on these special occasions. I don't know if she realises that years down the road she'll look back at this and it will have proven itself to be a significant part of her life. Her time here will undoubtedly shape who she becomes as an adult. I'm glad that God has provided for her so far but deep inside I also hope that she learns for herself the need to know who God is, and that Jesus Christ is not a story or a delusion, or something we hold on to because we need something to hold on to. I do not know how to express the veracity of the gospel, but I pray that God in His mercy and power will shape me to be a worthy reflection of His own nature. As of right now, there is so much humanity and fleshliness in the way. Do continue to pray for me, that His work might be made complete in my weakness.
Listening to : True Colours by Cyndi Lauper
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