Mortally Divine

I'm always amazed at the pictures I have installed on Webshots. It's a program that changes the wallpaper of my PC everyday. I have many pictures of scenery and animals, but I find myself with a great number of urban pictures. Towering skylines that touch the sky. Photos of cities at night, with streaks of red made by cars travelling along arterial veins. It evokes a different emotion from scenery, yet no less powerful. The attraction is not merely architectural – pictures of large uninhabited castles have no such drawing power. It is knowing that there is life in the place. More specifically, there is human life that pulsates and drives the miniture mechanisms that make the city come alive. In the picture presented before me I find a whole gamut of human emotions, a different one within every lit window. Is someone working late? Is his or her loved one at home worrying? Is someone spending time with close friends? All in a single moment, I am able to browse their tiredness, their pain, their laughter and their joys. It is almost like reading a book.
A large mountain or a great canyon is without a doubt beautiful to look at, but without the presence of human life it remains rather desolate. I guess that is why God created us.
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