What are you thankful for in your life? Too many blogs and journals are written with such angst at the entire world, too many hours spent lamenting the lack of what we have. I am thankful today. Utterly thankful to God for loving me despite myself. I'm thankful that He is faithful even through my unfaithfulness – that when He saves, He saves completely. I had two horrible basketball games over the past week. They were so horrible that I had even contemplated giving up the game altogether. Deep inside I knew that it was not a lack of practice or conditioning that caused it. Ok, maybe a lack of conditioning did play a minor role. The major factor was a spiritual imbalance much like a hormonal one.
So today I come before You, and You remind me of my many promises and resolutions to give myself up unto You. I realised that I was no longer my own, but that everything I had was because of You. And I came home. And You saved me again. You didn't condemn me for what I lacked, but showed that through my weakness Your strength is made perfect. You showed me that You never gave up on me, that You really do save completely. All my past failures, my sins are no more in Your eyes. You took me back and restored me and clothed me with Your righteousness.
You then gave me a great basketball game. Yet through it all You whispered unto me, reminding me not to be distracted, and to be constantly amazed at the greatest gift of all – Yourself. I thank You for all that You've given me, and at the same time keep a wary eye that these gifts may not dictate who I am. I am Your child, and only by Your grace have I been restored unto sonship. Who I am, all that I am, belongs to You, not because You are an angry God who demands it, but because You gave everything for me.
Thank You.
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