I just got the domain <a href=""></a> and am working to set up a greymatter site on it in order to reduce the dependency on blogger. Though Blogger has been of the utmost help, and the fact that I've finally grasped the semantics of its code, I do not want my life's journals to be dependent on a server that has no obligation to keep this data. The site is not up yet though I'm working to learn the nuances of greymatter as fast as I can.
It's been some time since I've felt this way. The feeling one gets from having a new toy lying somewhere unopened. The little shivers of excitement that keeps us up at night. I can't wait to get my hands and devote some real time into I'll need some feedback on colour combination though. I'm inclined to go with a white background and black text, as my boring self would dictate. If you head there before I can do anything else to the site you might find a black background and purple text present. I drew the navigation bar on the right. Do leave your ideas here in the comments, and we'll see how takes off. I've some ideas for content, but I'll leave it as a surprise till it all works out.
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