As you can see, work is underway to change the layout of Utopia. I am moving away from the functional and adding a little more of an aesthetic touch, but I am not going to make this a gargantuan site that takes forever to download. Though I have the luxury of having a cable modem here in Arizona, I am well aware of how tedious a heavy site is on telephone modems, myself running a 33.6 back in Singapore. I am tempted to move over to Greymatter, which will reduce the number of dependencies (we all know how transient e-companies are), but as of now my server does not seem to support cgis of any kind. Utopia might also undergo a name change as I look for a web host and domain name. Starhub's measly two megabites of space is a little scary, and I hope that my life story will somehow exceed that space limitation. I am tempted to go with the domains, and is still available. A .com still has a nice ring to it though. These are all tentative plans of course. I will see how far I can extend Utopia's functions and take necessary actions. My html is a little rusty, and I'm wishing I had a copy of Dreamweaver. Ok, I've got to go back to more serious work, namely coding the rest of my homework assignment. Have fun.
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