Violence Begets Violence

They who live by the sword, will die by the sword. It seems that as America steadies herself from the initial shock of the terrorist attack, she has become the monster she so despised. Speeches by Arizona Senator John McCain on live TV: "(to the terrorists) Your God may be merciful to you, but we won't". Some other leader (characterised by the old man in a suit behind a poduim) said "let's just bomb the hell out of Afghanistan. We don't care about collateral damage. They sure thought New York citizens were expendable". There is no excuse for what was done that fateful Tuesday. None at all. In the very same light, there is no excuse for statements such as these. People in New York are citizens, while people in Afghanistan are collateral, peripheral, unimportant.
America, if you are the "great nation" you so claim to be ever so often, the time to show it is now. Do what must be done, but do not confuse justice and vengence. One maketh man man, the other undoeth.
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