And the Winner is….

Much as I'd like to believe the little game would generate millions of guesses, I'll settle for the company of close friends.
Some of you commented that the statements in themselves were contradictory, but I assure you they were not. I was just trying to mess around with the logical deductions you guys would come up with. Member of gang = carry knife = fail subjects != valedictorian (!= means not equal). I used the definition of valedictorian as one who delivered the graduating speech, which I did. Kinda hard to have been the top student failing five subjects. Pasir Ris Sec isn't THAT bad.
Like mocha frap at Zouk != Never been to a disco. Well truth is, I've never been to a disco. Zouk has this little cafe thingie outside of the disco, where they have (had) the best mocha fraps I ever tasted. For a measly fee of about seven to eight dollars. I've been in line at Zouk and found the music too loud from the far end of the carpark.
Semi-dexterity and liking one girl are separate statements. I'm semi-dextrous, learning new things with either hand depending on which one feels more cheerful at that point in time.
There was this one girl this one moment a long long time ago. I had speech and drama classes back when I was nine or ten. She was from another time slot but couldn't make hers so she joined our class that day. One hour, once in a lifetime. I remember her name still, but not her face. <a href="" target="_blank">Vaya</a> said she held a poll and found that female names starting with v were the most potent. So there she was, this girl who had a v-name, and for that one hour I was getting my mind messed up by all manner of madness.
Question now is….v-names = power. v….a….y….a….coincidence? Click on to her homepage….and you'd have proved a point. Oh go on, click anyway.
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