Cognitive Disonance

Many things have been said this past month. A lot of politically-loaded statements made, a great number of judgements passed. I cannot say I agree with many things the leaders of the U.S. have said or done during this harrowing time.
I cannot nod my head in agreement when President Bush called the terrorists accomplished liars, because I do not believe in the pot calling the kettle black.
I will not accept President's Bush statement that Osama bin Laden is "an evil man", for I have seen the evil that is potentially in me. Mr. Bin Laden's agenda has never been given much air time, and we do not know why people are so pissed at the United States. <strong>That</strong> is the root of the problem.
When I read about U.S. foreign policy from independent observers like <a href="" target="_blank">John Pilger</a> it is hard to believe that this is a fight between good and evil.
It is hard to pray with "patriotic" Christians at church when it seems they show no dilemma about letting Afghans die.
My heart aches at the loss of life and there are times I feel ashamed that the United States should call upon the same God I worship to bless them, and their hands are soiled with blood. Pray for humankind, that we may truly see the value of human life.
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