Ferrari Red

For techies out there, I had intended to create the new layout slightly differently from the old. The main constraints were that I had a few faithful readers who are still using old versions of Netscape (you know who you are), and the fact that I wanted to move away from the bad habit of utilizing nested tables. As some of you know, Tribolum runs on using server side includes pulling five or six different pages unto a template. This has made it difficult to implement SSI's without using nested tables as the alignments keep running. I've cut down on the number of nested tables in the Ferrari Red layout, and I hope it won't give as many problems in loading as the previous <a href="">BabyBlue</a> layout, which by the way is still totally functional.
I've decided to make Ferrari Red a little more compact, and to do away with the poem section. I doubt anyone even pays attention to it. I had put it up there for myself, in the hope that some good verse might transfer to my memory via osmosis. Too bad my skull's a little too thick to be semi-permeable.
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