Furtive Glances

It was funny how oblivious you were of your effect on me. I looked forward to seeing you every weekend at church, not that it was my only motivation to be there, but it was definitely some sort of a huge bonus. In fact, it was something that kept me going through the week, knowing that at the end of those six long days, I'd get to see you again, even if it was from a distance. There were times when you didn't come. You have no idea the sort of misery it was knowing that it was going to be another six days. Even now, I don't know what it is about looking at you from a distance, but the warm feeling it brings is has not gone away. I still glance at you from time to time, only this time you look up, meet me eye to eye, and smile. In those very moments, I know without a doubt that my life is indeed blessed.

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