I Need Thee Every Hour

It has been a really long week and the pressure looks to drag on for at least a few more. I'm thankful that my weekend starts on Friday and has officially begun, yet at the back of my mind am always aware of the things I need to get done. I wish I had time to sit down, drink gatorade and watch life pass by. Right now, I'm a fully integrated part of the very fast moving background. I need to take time to pray, take time to talk to God. I've been neglecting Him way too much and the signs of spiritual fatigue is beginning to show. Pray for me, that I may rely on His strength totally and completely.
I face the prospect of not doing well for one of my classes. I wouldn't be as agitated were it not an easy class. It is made hard by the fact that the teacher has decided to test us on the smallest minute details. We are expected to know how many double spaced pages make an hour of speech, so on and so forth. I am irritated as it is utterly useless information. Yet it reveals a side of me that I wouldn't have known had I not been pricked by this thorn. I had set out back then to be free from the burden of accomplishments and to place my trust totally in God's hands. Today, I see that a drop in grades soured my mood and affected my person. I do not like what I see. I need so much to hold closer, to trust deeper and to love with more abandon. I place my life in Jesus' hands. Wherever He leads. I will go.
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