Life Goes On

As my old website evolves into what it is now, I couldn't help but take a look at its very beginnings. Despite the assumption that data is indestructible in this digital age, so many things are not. We can archive, we can digitally make perfect replicas of all our digital journals and memories but life, like the sand in an hourglass, moves on. Looking back at the yesteryear, I remember Sarah and all her wonderful words, Pattie in whom I found someone who was willing to challenge the majority perspective and many other friends whom I made simply by typing my thoughts into my computer, just as I am doing now. Due to my going home last summer and being unable to update my journals then, I seem to have lost these beautiful friends. The old saying goes,
<blockquote>Make new friends
but keep the old.
One is silver
the other is gold.</blockquote>
I have made new friends, and many of them have blogs of their own. A blog offers an outlet for creativity and expression, as well as a confidante should you have the courage to choose to live an open life. Yet today I sort of wished I had etched my memories on paper, where I could feel it, touch it, smell its fragrance. I don't think I ever will use a real paper journal again, due to my inability to write as quickly as I type. So this evening I send the thoughts of my soul out again into the cold, black void of cyberspace and somehow hope that I will find warmth in all your hearts.
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