Looking Forward

The US attacked the Taliban today. It saddens my heart to see all this happening. There is no justification for the shedding of innocent blood. None at all. None for the terrorists, none for those that want to retaliate against them. Attack the terrorists, by all means, but it would take a lot of convincing to make me believe that attacking the major cities in Afghanistan is a "precise" strike. "Innocent victims of terror" and "collateral damage". These two terms seem only to be differentiated by their geographical location.
Yet like King Arthur (played by Sean Connery) once said in the movie "First Knight", "there is a peace only to be found on the other side of war". With all my heart I hope and pray that it isn't true. There will always be a need for defense. Revenge and retaliation is hardly defense. It is a deliberate, premeditated act of hurt.
My heart goes out to the Afghan people today. I feel their fear and helplessness. I taste the taste of blood in my mouth as I watch the American news, and how they justify their actions as righteous and just. I do not believe that the terrorists would hijack a plane and die for nothing at all. The root of the entire problem has not once been brought up. Why were they discontent? What were their motivations? Sure, there is no justification for the horrendous actions they took, but there must have been a reason. It would do the United States good to be more gracious, more benevolent, and less proud. If they want to project themselves as the champions of the world, earn that right by strength of character, not military might.
I hope for a better tomorrow, and I hope my own life will be a small contribution to that cause.
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