The one thing I can't seem to understand about women is why they like diamond rings, or any expensive jewellery for that matter. I'm not being chauvanistic or anything, I just wish I understood the source of this attraction to expensive shiny things. My sister has tried explaining it to me, somewhere along the lines of "it's something you see whenever you look at your hand" and "it reminds you how much he loves you". She too admits that it is an irrational yet utterly strong impulse. It doesn't work for all shiny things, it seems aluminium foil doesn't work. Despite what she may say, size does seem to have a positive correlation with the magnitude of her "wow". Of course design matters, the band has to look nice….but SIX CARATS!!!! I mean SIX CARATS!!!!!! You get the picture. All logic and reason….swoosh….out of the window. Hello rock, boulder…SIX CARATS!
*laughs* Of course I face the same thing with Faith (my girlfriend). She's more subtle about it probably because she knows how terribly broke I am. I'll get you your rock someday sweetie, right now my heart and all that I own is yours.
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