Obsessions of Youth

<img border="0" src="" align="right">Just finished watching <strong>Malena</strong> on video. I think from now on I'll pay a lot more attention to foreign films. They seem to have so much more substance than Hollywood, especially if they're written and directed by the same guy who did <strong>Cinema Paradiso</strong>, another classic.
It's about a young boy's obsession with a married woman (Malena) and it is not hard to relate to the senseless things he does. It is hard to explain the entire story, but the thing that held it all together was the pensive mood of the movie. Oh, and the instrumental soundtrack helped a lot as well. Josh Groban sang the particular song in an episode of Aly McBeal.
To hear the mp3, click <a href="space/josh.mp3">HERE.</a> This file will be removed in the very near future.
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