The Hills Are Alive

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Went down to Sabino Canyon for a hike this morning. The mountains in Arizona are hardly mountains when compared to the Rockies or the Himalayan peaks, but they still never fail to humble me. My photographic skill fails to demonstrate the robust magnitude of the cliffs that surround us as we hike, but I thought I'd give you guys a picture anyway. Things in Arizona seem mostly hostile in nature. The mountains are not green and lush. The more famous (or infamous) of the wildlife here include the rattlesnake, bark scorpion and the roadrunner. We all know how the roadrunner has the unique ability to drop pianos on our heads, or launch us butts into outer space on those Acme-brand rockets. The flora is even less amiable. They are often covered with thorns or spikes of some kind. Most of us came back with scratched legs or little splinters embedded in our arms. Despite all this, we all enjoyed ourselves. The only regret was not being able to persuade each other into loving nature enough to hug a cactus.
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