To a Sister

Dearest Louelle,
it's been a long time since I've spoken to you and I can only imagine how much you've grown in this time. When I was a child adults would dismiss me as a child, not knowing that deep inside I understood what they were saying to me, but was only too afraid to utter a reply. I remember telling myself should one day come when I become an adult like them, I would not under-estimate the heart and mind of a child ever. I know that you are no longer a child but you'll always be my younger sister.
I remember the day when you came home for the first time and Mommy dubbed you my birthday present because your birthday was so close to mine (also the fact that it was hard giving birth and looking for a suitable present at the same time). I remember holding you, carrying you, and even changing your diapers every once in a while. I remember teaching you how to walk, and choosing carefully what your first words would be. Your jie jie's first words were kor kor. You were a little more stubborn than that. There are so many memories I remember about you and I guess it's amazing how time has passed us both by. It won't be long until you grow up and face the decisions we "adults" struggle with. I hope I'll be there for you when those times come.
Thank you for the virtual card you sent me. The best birthday present I could ever ask for was you. Which birthday present sends new cards every birthday? I'm glad your exams are over and I pray you did your best. No matter what grades you get you'll always be my sister, and I just wanted you to know that I'll always be behind you. Junior Camp is coming up and you might want to give Faith a call to get your application forms. I'll be helping out this year – your jie jie and I managed to get tickets home this December.
Remember to take care of yourself – don't play TOO hard. *laughs* I know how you hate it when we say that after your exams. I hated it too back then. No one ever asks us not to study too hard. Eat your vegetables….yadda yadda…..and grow up to be a truly beautiful Christ-centered lady.
your brother.
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