A Taste of the Bubbly

The marketing project is over. Just as I was about to break into song and dance, I realise that there is still an MIS program outstanding. I spent the whole of Monday enjoying myself anyway. I went through the entire tutorial for Macromedia Flash. This does not bode well.
Half a year ago I would have sworn that I'd do anything to get out of the constraining boundaries of defined logic, choosing instead the endless possibilities of the intangible. Poetry, love, life – give me those! Never will I find such joy or taste the sweet nectar of life in the cold sterile environment all that is binary. I still maintain that I have not changed. I love life's full spectrum of colour too much to trade it for the temporal glitter of a computer screen, but I know that these mechanical tools are useful to help analyse the things around us and even ourselves in a rather microcosmic way. It is also a new language by which we express ourselves even more fully.
Yet there is no substitute to being with each and everyone of you, looking into your eyes, and feeling your hearts.
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