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Some of you might have noticed my absence on IRC recently. While thing at school have been busy, whatever free time I've had I've used on <a href="" target="_blank">Dark Age of Camelot</a>. This role-playing computer game has impressed me so much that I was contemplating investing in the computer that produced it. Sadly, Mystic is not a listed company.
It is a great change away from the gun-toting, trash-talking genre of many computer games today that have mostly linear storylines. Even if they touted non-linear ones, it only meant they had two or more possible endings. DAoC, on the other hand, truly has no true ending. You can choose to be a knight in King Arthur's realm, or a nature-loving Celtic, or should you prefer, a hammer-wielding Viking. You can choose to embark on quests and obtain rare items, gradually becoming a renowned adventurer. Or polish up the sword skills and become a fighter against invaders from other realms. The most intriguing I thought, was the chance to be a tradesperson.
I wanted to be a blacksmith when I started this game. The task proved a little too hard, so I became Xaverri, full-time assassin and part-time weaponsmith. Killing monsters and the like may be fun, but what I enjoyed most about the game is the chance to walk on the lush green grass, and dance in the rain. It actually has realistic weather effects and you can actually watch a sunset or sunrise. The connectivity of the game to the Internet means that almost every character you meet is a real person, and groups can be formed to accomplish shared goals of any kind.
Here's a small snapshot of a sunset, by no means the most beautiful in Camelot.
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