Decision Making

It is the weekend and Min and I often have problems deciding what to do. The reality is that we're both too nice to force our own ways on each other. So what usually happens is that we end up pushing the decision around and never getting a straight answer.
"Do you want to go out tonight?"
"Mm….do you feel like going out tonight?"
"So, you want to watch the movie or not?"
"Mm…I don't mind."
See the dilemma? Well I just thought of a solution to all these problems. Have each party fill in a form that ranks their inclination toward a certain course of action, with 0 being the least inclined to 10 being the most inclined. If the total adds up to more than 10, pursue it.
All those management classes haven't been wasted on me. Not that I'm going to implement any of this any time soon. Like all great management gurus, I thrive on theory, and theory alone.
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