Min is pouty and stormed to her room in mock (I hope) frustration upon finding out that our fellow Singaporeans in Arizona State University seem to be more "happening" than us. While all the Singaporeans in Tucson were contactable by phone on a Friday night, our ASU contact was at a bar soaking up the night life. It is without a doubt that ASU has a better club scene, being closer to Phoenix, by far a larger city than Tucson. Min also muttered something about transferring there.
I must admit that there are times I wonder what it would be like to hang out at these places of the night. It would be a different life. Instead I sit here typing my thoughts out to you, but I am glad for it. I know many of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking that I should at least see the world for myself. It's just that I've never been a clubbing kind of person. I associate clubbing with dead baby seals. In my teens I spent my late nights out shooting hoops in the dark, or taking walks by the beach.
I miss walking by the beach with <a href="">you</a>.
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