Slow, Gradual, Emancipating Death

As some of you have correctly deduced, the absence from <a href="" target="_blank">IRC</a> and the lack of posts were a result of my being utterly busy at school. Well, you're only partially correct. The more observant of you have also attributed this to my recent forays into the virtual world of Camelot as Xaverri Fairchild, of the race of Elves that inhabit Hiberia, trained to be a Nightshade, the most invisible of assassins.
It has been fun, and I say that in past tense. I have decided to stop playing Dark Age of Camelot. Those of you who have been into these roleplaying games know how hard a decision this is. The enjoyment is there, but one must admit that the time commitment these games take often have a toil on the real lives we live. Xaverri will slowly cease to exist, for I have many friends online I have to bid adieu. And Electrin, as real as I can be, will return here to Tribolum, where some of you have been faithfully coming.
The sun sets upon Camelot tonight, and like the nature of all true Nightshades, Xaverri disappears into nothingness.
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