So Far, Yet So Near

There are aquaintances, close friends, best friends, buddies….the list goes on. And then there's family. There are those who affect your life so profoundly that there is no other way of describing the relationship except calling them family. Whether a blood tie exists or not ceases to matter. They are the ones whom you envision growing old with. There is no nagging thought at the back of your mind that they will one day leave – the inevitable fact that fellow schoolmates or colleagues often face.
Eddie, I thank God that you are one such person to me, and my heart rejoices with you at the good news of your exam results. Even though miles away, I feel the joy just as if I were near, and deep inside I know that I am. Thank you for everything – the card on my birthday, the true-to-life honesty you bring and the music you carry wherever you go. Thank you for being you.
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