Thank You For The Music

<img border="2" src="" align="left" hspace="8" vspace="2">Just watched Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary on television. There is no doubt about it – he is the king of pop. NSync, The Backstreet Boys helped cover the juvenile appeal, while class acts like Gloria Estefan and James Ingram helped re-enact yesteryear for the rest of us old farts.
Black or White, Michael's personal life has often been the brunt of many talkshows and stand-up comedies. Rumours that surrounded him have slowly elevated to an almost folklore status. How his nose melted during one of his concerts, his sleeping in an oxygen filled bubble, and many other tales we've come to know from that illusive someone who has actually seen it. Yet despite all the flak that we give him, he stood there tonight with his brother and sang "I'll be there". He stopped for a while near the end of the song as he fell to his knees and cried. In so many ways, he has always been there. He has been the freak whom we use as small talk during our formal dinners so that we never would have to fear being ridiculed for our own little idiosyncracies.
So thank you Michael, for the wonderful music you've brought into our lives. Many of us remember growing up to the tunes and even more have tried to mimic your moonwalk in total futility. We remember the young boy whose phenomenal stage presence captured us even over the radio. Now we gaze upon the man and we marvel at the product of an amazing journey. In the words of the fatally contagious ABBA, thank you for the music. Thank you for touching all our lives in your own unique and special way.
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